Awareness Motivates Transformation

If you are standing on the edge of life changing decisions, it's time to allow your heart to be the compass. 

Are you ready to explore the elements of awareness within you and trust your intuition?

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Personal Transformation

Explore The Elements For A Healthier Life

We are a community of teachers, professionals, coaches, gurus, individuals with first-hand knowledge of what it feels like to barely exist in stagnation and transform our ourselves to living a life full of possibilities.


What are the elements of awareness?


Health & Wellness

Explore the programs that will help you to increase and maintain balance in our relationships, workplace, body movement and spirituality. Are you ready to live life in motion and discover the elements for a healthier life?

Nutrition & Food

When we are aware of the foods consume to nourish our precious bodies, the better food choices we make and the healthier we feel. Learn from nutritionists, health coaches, individuals who love to be in the kitchen ways to UnBox Your Kitchen.


When we feel connected in a community, we feel a sense of belonging. The result of strengthening our connection to Self and trusting our intuition is feeling peace, joy, harmony and a sense of belonging.

Awareness Motivates Transformation

You are standing on the edge of life changing decisions. Allow your heart to be your compass; it's always guiding you on your path of awareness. Are you ready to transform the beliefs that's been holding you back from living a life in motion?


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